Hair & Make-up

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Hair and make-up is very important when creating images for use on the web & marketing purposes.  We were so thrilled to find Lashes to Locks dream team, professional  cosmetologist Korinne Hannegan and licensed esthetician/make-up artist Christina Collings.  This sister team was able to quickly understand our vision and make it a reality.  Their experience in commercial & editorial print as well as bridal and special occasion styling made them a perfect fit. Their knowledge was invaluable to our shoot.  They have fantastic input, great taste and are a blast to work with!

Style Names

style names

When selecting style names for our spring collection we thought a great deal about inspiration. Women, are what inspire us most.  We brainstormed names of women who have made great contributions to our world.  Our list includes women that exemplify qualities of faith, determination and strength.  Women who lead, innovate, create and who make us laugh.  We could not be more proud that our dresses carry the names of these phenomenal women!

About Us

Illume is a reflection of our passion for creating modern and stylish wedding gowns that still maintain a high level of quality and modesty.  We have a keen sensibility for balancing modesty and a youthful edge.  Illume favors sleek silhouettes, clean lines, figure-flattering proportions and high-quality fabrics.

It is our belief that you don’t have to compromise modesty to dress stylish – especially on your wedding day!

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