First Custom Wedding Gown – 2005

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Feeling a little nostalgic today. Eight years ago on this day was the wedding of my first custom bridal client, my beautiful sister! After her wedding my mother received phone calls inquiring where my sister had bought her gown. This was my first insight to the need for beautiful modest wedding gowns. I decided to go with it; I designed several other gowns for friends and family members. The response from these first gowns spoke volumes for the need of stylish wedding gowns that maintain a high level of quality and modesty. Ultimately this led me to start Illume.

After graduating with my degree in Fashion Design I wondered what my niche would be. I worked designing exercise/dance wear, designing custom home decor and teaching sewing/pattern making. Bridal was not on my radar until my sister got engaged. This one experience changed my path. It gave me a glimpse into the potential that high quality modest bridal could have. I am grateful for work that is purposeful and that I am passionate about. I love offering women options that reaffirm my belief that you don’t have to compromise modesty to dress modern & stylish!

Everything Weddings & More

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Everything Weddings & More is a wedding blog that posts about all things wedding.  We are grateful for the beautiful feature they did on Illume; visit their blog to check it out!  What we love about their blog is they give brides, of all walks of life, the opportunity to share photo’s of their special day.  If you tag them in photo’s on Instagram they will post your photo.  We enjoy seeing the choices that real brides are making for their wedding day.



As a designer fabric is incredibly inspirational to each design.  When fabric shopping it is as if the materials speak to me of what it would like to be created into.  The possibilities are exciting and the promise of what could be makes me feel alive.  Inside each of us is the God given quality of the desire to create.  This may come in many different mediums: art, teaching, organizing, business, etc..  By tapping into our innate instinct to create we become more in touch with our soul and within us will grow a greater sense of who we are.  Now go and let your creative juices flow!