Bridesmaids & Bridal Bolero

clair bridesmaids sara & claire steph steph & clair photo (3)

claire back

From time to time we work with bridal parties.  Our bride Claire had already found a wedding gown when she contacted us.  She wanted custom bridesmaids gowns made in her color palette as well as a little lace jacket to wear with her gown.

Claire brought us an inspiration dress she loved from anthropology.  The bodice was made of cream vintage looking lace with a pinkie nude lining and mint green flowy skirt.  This dress inspired her color palette.  The big problem with the inspiration dress was it was strapless and she wanted it to have sleeves, so we created a sleeved version!  Three of her bridesmaids wore this lace bodice dress which turned out darling.  To add variety to the mix we decided to put two of her bridesmaids in a more tailored looked.  We found a gorgeous textural silk fabric in her desired green color.  We designed a sharp shift dress with a v-neckline, pleated detail on sleeves and bow at waist for a focal point.  For the last design we had a bit of a challenge with a very pregnant bridesmaid.  We decided to to a billowy shape made from silk chiffon.  This dress has a beautiful floral print that you can’t see from the photos.  All the dresses complimented each other nicely and the overall look was very soft and feminine.

For the bridal jacket Claire requested a very minimal design with a youthful lace and nude lining.  Some laces feel heavy and maternally.  We looked long and hard to find a lace that was light and fun.  The jacket added some whimsey to her structural gown.  The end result was perfect.  Claire looked beautiful and her wedding was something out of a story book!

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  1. shela · October 27, 2014

    It’s really pleasure to read your post. Thank you so much for writing such a nice post.

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