Custom Bride Jen


Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 12.59.15 AM






This was one of our favorite dresses to date!  Jen has great taste and was a joy to work with.  We started with the skirt of the gown, made of silk chiffon.  Getting the right fit and volume was the easy part; the bodice of the gown took some trial and error.  We originally started with a completely different design inspired by a designer gown Jen liked.  It had a v-neckline, rushing and floral applique details.  It just didn’t feel right and Jen was not connecting with it.  She found new inspiration for the bodice and we went with a much simpler bodice design.   I was speaking with my seamstress about techniques we could do that would give some interest to the bodice.  She suggested a tufting technique where you sew small tufts, of silk chiffon, one by one in a row.  She sewed up a sample about 3 inches square.  When I showed it to Jen she immediately loved it and said, that is what I want!  Each tuft of fabric on the bodice of this gown is sewn by hand.  We added a silk chiffon sash around the waist that opens into a train in the back.  All the design element really came together in a harmonious way.  This bride looked so stunning on her special day that Style Me Pretty featured her wedding on their blog, definitely worth checking out!


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