Blessing Dress in the Making


Fabric Selection:  Peach English Net


Pattern-work:  I created a pattern using cut & slash drafting techniques.  For bridal I predominately drape my patterns.


Mock up:  I always do a mock-up out of muslin to check my patterning and make needed fit or design changes.  In this case I added extra fullness to the dress and sleeves to achieve my design vision.  Once the pattern is perfected I begin to cut and sew!

Neve blessing4 (1)

Adorning:  To give the dress something extra special I used left over lace trims from a bridal client.  I combined them to create this lace motif.

Neve blessing

Accessorize:  Every girl has to have coordinating bow and shoes!  These were really fun to make.


Shoes:  No-sole lace sandals.  I was surprise that they stayed on all day.  They wrap around the toe and velcro behind the ankle.

Neve blessing2

My little doll look adorable for her baby blessing; it was extra special for her to wear a custom piece by her mom!  Children’s dresses are really quite simple to make.  Even if you have the most elementary sewing skills you can do this.  Find a very simple pattern, have fun selecting materials (it is my favorite part) and just do it!





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