Wedding Gown for Wedding Gown Designer



DSC_3498 - Version 2

DSC_3413  DSC_3380 - Version 3

DSC_3655 - Version 3


DSC_3344  DSC_3177

DSC_3267 - Version 2


In honor of my anniversary this week I thought I would post some photos of my wedding dress.  As a designer I have a very clear aesthetic; I favor clean lines, sleek silhouettes, figure flattering proportions and high quality fabrics.  Long sleeves are a passion of mine so that was my jumping off point for the gown.  My vision was a modern sleek gown made from gorgeous fabric.  To give a simple gown some interest add structural design, this was achieved through the seaming of the gown (hard to see in photos, see sketch).  Another fun detail was the beading, done by hand, around the wrist area of sleeves; if you look close at the above photo you can see it.  I had fun creating this dress for my special day!


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