Austen Gown

Roaring 20s Shoot-3823LReMicahSuzy

Roaring 20s Shoot-3897LReMicahSuzy Roaring 20s Shoot-3747LReMicahSuzy

Roaring 20s Shoot-3800LReMicahSuzy

Roaring 20s Shoot-4164_Ed PS_Ed PS_Ed PS_Ed PSLReMicahSuzy

Roaring 20s Shoot-3904LReMicahSuzy

We love these gorgeous photos of our Austen gown taken by the talented Suzy O Photography.  Suzy wanted to incorporate both a traditional, high-contrast photographic lighting technique (similar to what you would see in the 1920s) and a modern “fresh” feeling that is a current trend.  Stunning Megan, of Chestnut Hill, is the picture of elegancy and femininity.  Make-up by Jessica Craig and Hair by Alyse Peterson.  The florals are by Carol Kingston of Creative Wedding Events.   


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